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<strong>The Robotics Boy – Darish Rajan </strong>

The Robotics Boy – Darish Rajan 

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27th April 2023

Darish Rajan, a grade VII student of SJT Surana School, is a techno-geek who takes great pride in being one. His deep interest in robotics started at an early age when he visited the Robotics lab at his school. Fascinated by the motors, controllers, and censors, he soon took to it like a fish to water. As he delved deeper into it,  robotics became a means to express his creativity. Soon, he started designing his robotics project for various school events and platforms, winning a lot of appreciation and accolades. Darish is grateful to his school for introducing him to his life’s passion.

He says, “Technology is my passion, and my school is an ideal place for students who love Technology. It has been the driving force for me from a very young age. My school has a Robotics lab, Atal Lab, which provides many opportunities and exposure to nurture our talents. I will always cherish every moment of my student life at Surana School.”