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Bringing Democracy to Life: Building Electronic Voting Machines in the Classroom

Bringing Democracy to Life: Building Electronic Voting Machines in the Classroom

Student Activity

Imagine learning about democracy by actually building your own voting machine! This semester’s Political Science and History classes at Surana High Tech International School experienced precisely that. For a while, students put down their textbooks and got involved with building a model of an Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) using push-button switches, LEDs, and batteries. This project was all about getting a sense of how voting actually functions in the real world.

  • Hands-On Learning Experience

The project provided students with a hands-on learning experience that went beyond traditional classroom instruction. By actively participating in the construction of an EVM, students gained a deeper understanding of the democratic process and the importance of voting. They learned about the mechanics behind elections, the significance of voter participation, and the principles of democracy in action.

  • Enhancing Student Engagement with Technology

This project is an excellent illustration of how using technology can enhance student engagement in the classroom. By integrating hands-on activities like building an EVM, students were able to connect what they learned during class to real-world applications. They not only developed technical skills in electronics but also honed their critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

  • Witnessing Democracy in Action

Building their own EVM gave students a tangible representation of the democratic process. It was an opportunity for them to witness democracy in action and appreciate the complexities involved in conducting free and fair elections. Through this project, students gained a newfound appreciation for the principles of democracy and the importance of active citizenship.

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