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Celebrating Excellence: Honoring Shanthi Ma’am at the Education Awards

Celebrating Excellence: Honoring Shanthi Ma’am at the Education Awards


Join us in honoring our amazing educator, Shanthi Ma’am, at the Education Awards! We’re incredibly proud to highlight Shanthi Ma’am’s outstanding 22-year journey in teaching, a testament to her dedication and passion for shaping the future generation.

Recognizing Remarkable Contributions

At EGN, we are committed to celebrating dedicated professionals like Shanthi Ma’am who play a pivotal role in shaping our future. Today, we shine a spotlight on Shanthi Ma’am as she is awarded the Inspiring Education Hero Award. This prestigious recognition is a testament to her remarkable contributions to the field of education and her unwavering commitment to her students’ success.

A Journey of Impactful Work

Throughout her 22-year journey in teaching, Shanthi Ma’am has touched the lives of countless students, inspiring them to reach their full potential and instilling in them a love for learning. Her dedication, compassion, and innovative teaching methods have made a profound impact on her students’ lives, nurturing them into confident and capable individuals ready to take on the challenges of the future.

Let’s Cheer for Shanthi Ma’am!

As Shanthi Ma’am receives the well-deserved Inspiring Education Hero Award, let’s come together to cheer for her impactful work and celebrate her achievements. Her passion for education and unwavering dedication serve as an inspiration to us all, reminding us of the profound impact that educators have on shaping the future of our society.


Join us in honouring Shanthi Ma’am for her outstanding contributions to education and for being a true inspiration to her students, colleagues, and the entire community. Congratulations, Shanthi Ma’am, on receiving the Inspiring Education Hero Award! We are grateful for your tireless dedication and commitment to shaping the minds of tomorrow’s leaders.