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Grade 7 Launches a School-Wide Kindness Campaign Inspired by ‘Wonder’

Grade 7 Launches a School-Wide Kindness Campaign Inspired by ‘Wonder’

Student Activity

At Surana High Tech International School, our Grade 7 students recently spearheaded a heartwarming ‘Kindness Campaign’ inspired by R.J. Palacio’s novel, ‘Wonder’. This initiative aimed to promote kindness and empathy throughout the school community.

Brainstorming and Collaboration

The campaign began with Grade 7 students brainstorming ideas in their classroom. They worked collaboratively to design a series of engaging activities for their younger peers, ensuring the message of kindness reached every corner of the school.

Engaging Activities for All Ages

From creative worksheets to class-wise visits during break hours, the students crafted various activities to raise awareness about the importance of kindness. These interactive sessions were well-received by younger students, making the campaign a vibrant and inclusive experience.

Reflecting on the Process

Throughout the campaign, Grade 7 students demonstrated remarkable commitment and dedication. They continually reflected on their learning process and showed a high level of receptivity to feedback, which helped them improve and adapt their activities for maximum impact.

Uniting the School Community

The Kindness Campaign not only united our school but also showcased the profound impact literature can have on character development. It served as a powerful reminder that lessons from books like ‘Wonder’ can translate into real-world actions that foster a compassionate and empathetic community.

At Surana High Tech International School, we are proud of our Grade 7 students for leading this meaningful initiative and demonstrating the enduring power of kindness.