Surana High Tech international School
Ms. Kiran Merchant

Ms. Kiran Merchant

27th March 2023

The fundamental idea behind teaching and learning at Surana High Tech International School is to create experiences and spaces where concepts and ideas challenge students to relate to real-life situations keeping them engaged intellectually, physically, socially, and emotionally. Thriving in today’s world requires teamwork, critical thinking, communication, persistence, and creativity. The school will facilitate a Project-based learning environment as this approach shares a common intellectual mission, helps build meaningful relationships within the community, and celebrates each learner’s learning. Learners transfer their knowledge between personal experiences, learning from various disciplines and the broader global community.

I am grateful to High Tech High Schools in San Diego for the collaboration, guidance, and training provided for implementing Project-Based Learning. Surana High Tech International is committed to developing personal, social, societal, and human values by embedding them in our curriculum framework in everyday activities. Our teacher exchange program will strengthen innovative pedagogical approaches and transform learning.

In today’s complex and shrinking world aiding the confluence of cultures, personal identity can no longer be defined by where you come from but by who you are at the moment and the choices you make. Therein lies the importance of developing character and values. Surana High Tech is committed to developing personal, social, societal, and human values by including these in our curriculum framework and embedding them in our everyday activities.

I invite parents to collaborate with us to transform education so that our next generation of learners thrives by finding more personalized pathways to success and becoming contributing members of their communities and country.

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